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1.Budget Analyst(Jan.04,2017)

Asia Aroma Holding Inc. in West Covina CA 91791 seeks

Budget Analyst: the candidate will perform the following job duties:
.   Analyze annual overall budget and compile all department budget in a consolidated organizational budget
·  Prepare operational budget including procurement budget, labor budget, sales budget and management costs
·  Recognize future capital expenditure to diversify long-term investment in a special-decision budget
·  Evaluate current project's first cost, sales price and margin to ensure the expected return is within budget
·  Help the chief operations officer analyze proposed plans and find alternatives if the projected results are unsatisfactory
·  Monitor company's daily expenditure and build up spreadsheet to reduce excess or unnecessary expenditure 
·  Request feedback from account receivable and account payable to avoid cash flow problems
·  Estimate future financial needs

Req.:  a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Finance.

Recruitment Reason: As the China head office is operating IPO project, the US branch needs to recruit a staff for this position.

Mail your resume to Asia Aroma Holding Inc. at 225 N Barranca St. Suite 350, West Covina, CA 91791.